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Digital Boardroom

Equip your C-level executives and board members with real-time contextual information and ad hoc analysis. Built using today’s technology this next-generation board portal leverages Business data in their native format be it your ERP, custom solutions, external feeds (RSS) other applications to provide a single source of truth for the company.

Digital Boardroom

Why Digital Boardroom

Traditional approach of powerpoint presentations which are informative but not interactive are no longer useful in the connected world. In the digital economy your board members need real-time business intelligence, ad hoc reporting, and what-if analysis to make decisions for today and drive change for the future. Digital Boardroom transforms executive meetings from presentations based on static content into interactive discussions based on live, up-to-the-minute facts.


Give executives a complete, near real-time view of company situations and key figures across departments - and foster trust among leaders


Improve decisions by accessing accurate information, answering ad hoc queries, and analysing alternatives and implications


Simplify the boardroom process by reducing preparation time and offline topics - and use collaboration tools to leverage expert knowledge

Product Capabilities

Interactive and effective meetings :
Your presentation to the board needs to be interactive and should be able to answer the questions on varied dimensions at near real time backed by data rather than point of view. Digital board provides the ability for your and your leaders to query, annotate, make contextual references and copies of the dashboard for a more effective meeting.

What-if rather than What-is
Use ad hoc and what-if analysis to explore alternative courses of action and compare the impact of potential decisions. Gain an understanding of the drivers and relationships in planning and simulation models – and quickly assess the sensitivity of information.

Business velocity
In today’s connected world time to value matters, using pre-defined queries, data models and defined metrics your board room dashboards become more meaningful and effective.