Case Study

Global distributions provider

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To develop a consolidated reporting and analytical solution which can capture PNR and e-ticket transactions in near real time from Sabre GDS (Global Distribution System).

Problem Statement

Performance based decision support.
Perform effective CRM.
Measure Agent and PCC performance.
Common reporting solution for all services (Airline, Hotel, Car, Sabre Profiles)

Approach taken

TravelPIE: The solution provided automation via a SaaS based system. The interface gave an enterprise level view of the transactional data. The process extracts and cleans the data that changes over period of time and updates the dashboards as desired by the operational users. Other data sources like industry news feeds and RSS are meshed up to present back a context based information. This information is used to manage decision in real-time while executing transactions.

Business Benefits


  • TMC’s and clients save large FTE hours that are utilized in aggregation, collation and presentation of travel transactions
  • Exception reports improve the quality of service of travel operations
  • Revenue generation opportunity for TMC’s via corporate re-seller licensing,
  • Transparency and visibility to client stakeholders brings trust in the business partnership
  • Improve an agency’s bottom line by real time tracking of Operational KPI’s, unused tickets, PLB, directional sales, group opportunities, excessive voids, reissues etc
  • Enterprise ready solution at a fraction of cost.
  • Real-Time view of the booking to fulfilment pipeline enables faster and accurate decisions.
  • Annual budgeting, planning & forecasting based on historical trends.
  • Supplier directional sales planning, negotiation, forecasting and tracking.
  • Track real flown sales as against estimates from Airlines.
  • Travel Counselor performance & KPI tracking.
  • Ticketing & conversions tracking saving crucial managerial time.
  • Corporate spend & KPI tracking.
  • Corporate supplier spends budgeting & tracking.
  • Revenue generation opportunity for TMC’s via corporate re-seller licensing,
  • Provide transparency and visibility to client stakeholders in real-time.
One window for all reporting requirements enabling near real time decision making.

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