Case Study

Global EPC Contractor

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The need as we understand

  • Global EPC leader servicing the energy sector pioneers into the Digital journey.
  • We developed the Strategy and executed on the roll out of the platform with specific functional modules. The platform forms the basis on which common functionality are serviced - ADFS, Message hub, Notification, Workflow, Corporate portal in additional to business applications as part of their digitalization agenda.

Business Benefits

Key Features of the solution: 

  • Integrated Project Management Solution with EDMS as the core
  • Integrated Resource Management Solution with full visibility to who/what is where
  • Digitised the Legacy - Self service functiona like Time/Absence capture, travel requests, Approvals, Employee Performance Management and Travel expense management
  • Knowledge Management via audio/video/image notes with instant audio-to-text conversion.
  • Expediting Solution - Inspectors are associated with specific ‘jobs’ and are segregated by projects.
  • Route Planner - Route Planning based on recommended routes to avoid unwanted delays and unfamiliar scenarios

Applied Offerings