Case Study

Visitor Management System

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The  business needed a system that recorded every visitor entering the facility, stored their information in a database and quickly produced audit trails & reports in case of an incident or emergency.

Problem Statement

Difficulty in tracking, coordinating and managing the visits and visitor information's.

Approach taken

The solutions provided automation via a SaaS based system. The interface gave an  an enterprise level view of visitor information, captured logistics planning, provided online training, provided support for capturing customer feedback and customer satisfaction analytics.

Business Benefits


  • Allows employees to register visitors online ahead of time – and be notified electronically or by phone when a visitor arrives
  • Captures visitors’ pictures, signatures, business cards and drivers license information.
  • Creates one-time-use visitor badges that feature the visitor’s photo, name, affiliation, host name and authorized areas of access, as well as the badge’s expiration time.
Track the count of visitors while evacuation in case of fire

Privilege services:
Track hospitality services for VIP visitors.

Applied Offerings