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Workforce Management (WFM)

Efficiency and productivity are considered by some people to be synonyms-both refer to getting more or better work done in less time. Others consider them antonyms, thinking of “efficiency” as doing the some with less, and “productivity” as doing more with the same.

The truth is the teams today need to harness the power of both efficiency and productivity if they want to consistently delight their stakeholders and clients.

Workforce Management
Improved resource utilization

Improved resource utilization

When you even out the workload, efficiency and productivity ipmrove. You’ll no longer have some team members feeling constantly overloaded while others sit twiddling their thumbs.

Increased on-time delivery

Increased on-time delivery

Anytime you remove the burden of administrative tasks from your team, you give them more time to focus on the priorities that matter.

Higher profit margins

Higher profit margins

When you’re able to harness the potential of each individual on your team-without burning them out-you save money by reducing project overages, outsourcing, and employee turnover

Integrated solution

Integrated solution

Integrating your Resource Plan with your HR application, reduces your planner time, enabled in-line collaboration reduces emails, workflow manages your scheduling, integration with your recruitment application provides visibility, integration with travel request system immensly helps your mobilization and de-mobiliazation activity.

Reduced meeting

Reduced meeting

59% of office workers say wasteful meetings are their number-one productivity killer. When everyone can view real-time project status via an online dashboard, unnecessary meetings drastically diminish.

Automate work processes & processes streamline

You can tackle each of these five steps individually, but a far more efficient approach-that will help to keep your clients and stakeholders happy and engaged-would be to onboard a comprehensive work management solution, like WFM, that has each of these features built in

Simplify request management
Enable stakeholders to submit all work requests the same way, every time with standardized forms.

Use workflow templates.
Set it up once, then use it again and again, with smart template that account for every necessary step in the workflow.

Make time tracking easy
Make sure time tracking and billing are seamlessly integrated into your work management system.

Use resource management tool.
Get a work management solution that tracks and shows every resource’s current and future availability.

Keep an eye on real-time status and utilization.
Rely on customizable dashboards and reports that display the current status of every project.